“The problem wasn't that FuturePop wasn't heavy enough but that he wore the wrong shoes.”

FuturePop was responsible for keeping HeavyBoys’ shields tight in battle against their NYC rivals. FuturePop wasn’t just any Codeman, he was a most righteous HeavyBoy, destined to rule an allBase. But in the battle of Chinatown their codes were stolen and Boston fell to NYC. Legend had it FuturePop deserted, evading the cops and disappearing forever.

Aristotle Aguilar owns Holy Roller Garage, servicing drones traversing the WormWay, the world’s vast subterranean highway system. Life is good for him. Business is booming, his family’s happy. Just don’t ask Mr. A about his younger years or why he shuns technology and avoids ONESKI, the police’s eye in the sky.

When a broken down hauler arrives with a torn CPU cover. Mr. A is drawn back into a world he thought he’d left forever. But if he doesn’t come to terms with his past, it’s not just his future that could be blown apart. It will be the city of Boston and the entire WormWay will fall into the hands of terrorists bent on controlling it for themselves.

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